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Student Conduct

Statement of Purpose

Our schoolís purpose is to provide learner centred programmes that encourage knowledge, skills and academic success while fostering the social and emotional growth necessary to build a healthy community.

This code of conduct is meant to support and guide members of the Alternative School community: students, staff, parents, guardians, and guests:
- in the maintenance of a safe, caring and orderly learning and working environment both at school and in any community location during a school sponsored activity;
- in the realization of our statement of purpose.

Rights and Responsibilities

Sunshine Coast Alternative School Community members have a right:
- to learn and work in an environment that is safe, inclusive, respectful, responsive, and compassionate;
- to fair and equitable treatment and opportunity.

Sunshine Coast Alternative School Community members have a responsibility:
- to conduct themselves in a respectful, safe, positive and purposeful manner toward others
and property;
- to conduct themselves in a manner that supports and respects the unique learning needs, and individual differences of its members;  
- to respond in a proactive, safe manner when the rights of our community members are not being respected.

Sunshine Coast Alternative School Community members view the following behaviors, in particular (but not limited to), to be unacceptable:
- behaviors that:
        - interfere with the learning of others
        - interfere with the physical and emotional safety of others
        - create an unsafe working and learning environment
        - are disrespectful and intolerant;

- acts of:
        - bullying, harassment or intimidation
        - physical violence
        - retribution against another;
- illegal acts such as:
        - possession, use or distribution of illegal or restricted substance
        - possession or use of weapons, or objects that are used, or could be used as weapons
        - theft of or damage to personal or school property.

Sunshine Coast Alternative School Core Values:

Sunshine Coast Alternative School includes and nurtures all with integrity, flexibility and respect.  Should the occasion arise where there is a breach of our code of conduct, members of the Alternative School community can expect a response that is preventative, restorative, solution focussed and exemplifies our core values:
- follows sound restitution and restorative justice practices;
- is fair, respectful, and supportive: seeking to restore the rights of the Alternative community members;
- reflects the severity of the breach as well as the age and maturity of those involved;
- takes into account the emotional and physical safety of others;
- includes notification of parents or guardians, and where appropriate, other school staff, school district officials, police and other agencies.       

Last Modified: Aug 30, 2012