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What is the SHARE Program?

Structured, supportive learning environment
Helping children be healthy and happy
Assisting children to attain goals, gain confidence,
     strengthen self-regulation, and develop independence
Respect, responsibility, and resiliency are nurtured
Everyone is welcome and included

The SHARE Program is a program for students in primary grades with social, emotional, and/or behavioural challenges.  The SHARE Program provides a very structured, predictable learning environment that integrates therapeutic intervention, social skills acquisition, conflict resolution, and problem solving into every aspect of the educational program.  Enrollment in the SHARE Program is limited to 6 students.    

The SHARE Program recognizes the unique learning and behavioural needs of each student.  SHARE Program staff work collaboratively with each studentís parents or guardians to develop an Individual Education Plan that identifies the studentís strengths, challenges, and goals.  SHARE Program staff utilize the strategies identified in each studentís Individual Education Plan to assist the student to attain his/her goals.   
The SHARE Program staff members provide intensive support to promote each studentís growth in:
  • making safe behaviour choices
  • respecting students, adults, and property
  • showing a positive attitude, doing his/her best, and completing jobs
  • dealing with problems appropriately
The SHARE Program welcomes the participation and support of School District No. 46 staff, health care providers, Child and Youth Mental Health clinicians, Family and Youth Service workers, Ministry of Child and Family Development workers, and other agencies that support children and families on the Sunshine Coast.

Students attend the SHARE Program 4 days per week (Monday-Thursday) from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  Students do not attend school on Fridays unless their behaviour requires further support and intervention.  Friday is generally a day set aside for planning, consultation with school district and community professionals, and parent meetings.

SHARE Program Staff
Denise Brooks                           Teacher
Eliz Hook                                       Special Education Teaching Assistant
Fiorella Nygren                         Special Education Teaching Assistant

For more information about the SHARE Program, please contact Denise Brooks at or 604-741-3713.

Last Modified: Sep 16, 2013