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About the FLEX Program

FLEX is a combination of two small, alternative programs in Sechelt.   Typically, the enrollment is less than 30 students.  There are three and a bit staff: a full time teacher, plus a second part time teacher, a youth and family worker and a teaching assistant. The program staff are skilled at dealing with students with severe behaviours, emotional difficulties, and various learning difficulties. Support staff may include people such as a school counselor and an outdoor recreation teacher.   The school counselor provides personal and addiction counseling, and consultation to families.

FLEX operates in two classrooms out of the Sunshine Building in Sechlet. FLEX students have the opportunity to work on their academic subjects independently, at their own pace and with the help of our support staff and teachers.  Throughout the week there are also opportunities to gain academic credit in a group setting, with interactive, multimedia resources and hands on projects to engage each learner.  We offer a variety of elective course credits, which are designed to encourage and foster each students√≠ own unique abilities, interests and talents.  Outdoor education and fieldtrips into the community are important components of the program. We work on a model of continual progress.  This means that students can start and end courses throughout the year.

Student Profile  - FLEX is for youth in grades 8 - 12

-  Students who have had difficulty at Chatelech or Elphinstone Secondary School.
-  Students who are having problems managing their behaviour and/or emotions in a regular high school setting.
-  Students who prefer to learn in a small school with few students
-  Youth who have been out of school for more than a year.
- Students who would rather learn in an alternative setting than in a big, mainstream high school.

Applying to attend FLEX

-  Students enrolled at Elphinstone or Chatelech Secondary School must apply through their school.  This will involve filling out an application form then coming to the school for an interview with one or more staff.  Contact your school principal, or counsellor at 886-2204 (Elphinstone) or 885-3216 (Chatelech)

- Students not enrolled at Elphinstone or Chatelech Secondary School can apply directly to the Sunshine Coast Alternative School office in Gibsons.

Contact the Sunshine Coast Alternative School Administration at 886-8647 to find out more information about registration.

Last Modified: Oct 01, 2016