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ProjectSPIDER is a new grades 7-9 Home Learner Support/Distributed Learning initiative being offered by School District 46.

There are presently two streams:

1.) Full Time Home Learning

Supported on the 'home/DL learning journey' with a teacher-advisor.

Expectation is that a Student Learning Plan  must be completed, signed off and filed by September 30th.  This document will evolve and grow, and will be reviewed, revised and discussed with the family and teacher-advisor throughout the learning year.

Staff - teacher / admin, can be available to meet either in person, by email or phone to help support you.

As well, there will be family meetings during the year to discuss student progress.

Learning Support Funds:
Available after the student learning plan is completed and filed.

2.) Part Time Classroom Program

Two Day / Week Program
Potentially covering the following subject areas:

English 7 - 9
Socials 7 - 9
Science 7 - 9
Math - 8 & 9

French 8 & 9    
Varied Electives 7-9
Art 7-9
PE - 7 to 9

As per BC Ministry of Education requirements, students are expected to provide evidence of regular weekly physical activity (moderate to vigorous) up to 150 minutes per week (or 30 minutes daily).

Thursdays - home base is Camp Byng, Roberts Creek

(Locations will change throughout the year to facilitate the learning objectives!  Notice will be given ahead of time! )
- Program has access to the School van to facilitate transportation on these days.
-focus is Science 7- 9, hands-on
-other learning activities, field trips and workshops supporting the curriculum

Fridays: - home base is SPIDER Classroom - Inlet Avenue in Sechelt

- Art block - with an Art specialist
- Humanities 7/8/9 block
- covering learning outcomes of grades 7, 8, 9 - English and Socials
- Varied PE / Electives Activities - any costs covered by the program

Additional Learning Offerings:

Math - a blended program of face to face instruction as well as on line work.

A variety of speakers / specialist workshops and field trips to support curricular outcomes.

In Development:
  • French 8/9 and a Potential French Cafe
** Please note - in order to meet full-course learning  outcomes students need to be working at home on other days in order to complete extension and homework assignments.  During this DL time students have the support of teachers via email, Skype, and pre-arranged person-to-person meeting time.

A Student Learning Plan - must be completed, signed off and filed by September 30th.
  • this can be discussed with the teacher-advisor.
Learning Support Funds - for students participating in the Thursday/Friday program there will not be extra learning support funds.   This can be discussed on an individual basis for families opting to cover one or two of the curricular areas at home and need resource support.

Assessment and Reporting

Because the students will be seeing their teacher at least once every week, most on-going assessment can easily be done by the teacher during class time.  This will be accomplished through observation, portfolio assessment, assignment evaluation, peer and self-evaluation, and discussion.  Classes are small and the teacher will have the opportunity to develop a close relationship with your child. The teacher will also be available to meet before or after class to help with learning at home, and to share feedback about how things are going.

From this ongoing assessment, a report card will be done in early December, March, and June.  At various times throughout the year, the ProjectSPIDER teacher will meet with families to discuss progress to date, to update Learning Plans, and to hear about learning initiatives students have been taking at home and within the community.  Families are expected to provide examples of student work/accomplishments for student portfolios.
This information will / can be reflected in the final June report card.

Last Modified: Aug 31, 2016