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The Outreach Program was developed by the Sunshine Coast Alternative School in response to the needs of many youth, younger students who are out of school, and experiencing social emotional difficulties that have made it near impossible to attend a regular or alternative school setting.

The Outreach Program offers a safe, secure connection to the educational learning community. It integrates social skills acquisition, therapeutic intervention, conflict resolution and problem solving into each aspect of the studentís educational program. The program allows students the opportunity for flexible scheduling to meet their individual emotional and/or behavioural needs. The student, in consultation with the staff, create their own academic program and educational goals within the curricular guidelines.

The Program is staffed by personnel with specific expertise and qualification in dealing with students with severe behaviours and those with emotional difficulties. These personnel may include a special education teacher, a youth and family worker, and a special education teaching assistant. A counselor is also available to provide individual psychological counselling, addiction counselling, and consultation to families where appropriate.
The Outreach Program sponsors the following ongoing programs:

- Students who are experiencing social, emotional and/or behavioral difficulties that make it extremely difficult to participate in their regular or alternative school program.
- Youth who have been out of school for more than a year.
- Children or youth who require additional support and creative opportunities to augment their education program. Without this support these students are at very high risk in a number of areas.
- Children or youth who are only able to manage an individual and part-time school program due to a number of varied and complex circumstances.
- Students transitioning into an education program from their home or an Alternative School program.


- Students presently enrolled at Chatelech, Elphinstone or Pender Harbour Secondary School must complete a screening process where school personnel will recommend placement dependent on individual need.

Contact the school principal, or counselor at
885-3216 (Chatelech)
886-2204 (Elphinstone) or
883-2727 (Pender Harbour)

- Students not enrolled at Chatelech, Elphinstone or Pender Harbour Secondary School must complete a screening process which determines suitability for this educational support program.  Please call the SCAS Office at 604-886-8647

Last Modified: Aug 27, 2016