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Welcome to the NDVR Sechelt PROGRAM!

Our Purpose
We provide learner-centred programs that encourage knowledge, skills and academic success  while fostering the social and emotional growth necessary to build a healthy community.  The Sunshine Coast Alternative School includes and nurtures all with integrity, flexibility and respect.
The NDVR program offers a small, nurturing learning environment, with ample opportunity for one-on-one learning and interaction.  Blending specific Ministry learning objectives with life skills, emotion management, physical exercise, and outdoor education, the NDVR program offers students a variety of ways to experience success both inside and out of the classroom.  A variety of teaching methods, including hands-on, visual, auditory, independent and computer based, are used to ensure all types of learners are accommodated. Weekly cooking and nutrition classes, art classes led by an art specialist, and regularly scheduled outdoor education adventures on and off the coast, also help to create diversity in learning experiences.

The NDVR program accesses a variety of community resourses to supplement the work done by school staff.  These include Ministry for Children and Family Development counsellors, child care workers, and other health care professionals.

Parent/Guardian Consultation and Involvement

Open Communication between home and school is imperative to your childís successful progress in the NDVR program. Weekly progress reports detailing successes and challenges within the classroom are administered by phone, most often on Fridays.  Regularly scheduled meetings with program staff and advocates of students are also of great benefit to ensure program goals are being met and student achievement continues to progress.

Physical Activity

The link between physical and emotional well-being is well documented, and the NDVR program empasizes physical activity.  Regular gym time, bicycle riding, and daily physical activity are built into the curriculum. Outdoor Recreation is also part of the NDVR curriculum.  Team-work, increased mental and physical fitness, positive risk taking, and confidence building are just a few attributes gained by students in this learning environment.

NDVR Code of Conduct

Physical and verbal harrassment has no place within the NDVR program.  Harassment of any nature is considered with utmost seriousness, and will result in immediate consultation with guardian,  administration and staff.  Weapons and their replicas, offensive materials, lighters/matches and any illegal paraphernalia are dealt with as per regular school guidelines.  Immediate confiscation and notification of guardian is guaranteed.  Our NDVR classroom is built on safety, belonging and trust.  These three principles will not be compromised by the unsafe actions or behaviours of its members.

Registration Information

Prospective students must complete a screening process which the home school refers in the spring for the following year.

Link to the program website :

Last Modified: Jul 03, 2015