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School Growth Plan
School Development Plan 2013 - 2014

School Goal 1:  To increase the number of courses completed by all students with an end to increasing our graduation rates.
Background: A large percentage of students at the Sunshine Coast Alternative School are with the Alternative school because they struggled with the pace of the mainstream school.  Student programs are designed in consultation with school staff, parents, the students and in some instances, community supports.  Students are able to work at their own pace, as well as on less courses at one time.  Staff would like to look at increasing the number of students reaching graduation with a regular Dogwood or Adult Dogwood by focusing on increasing the number of courses completed in the school year.

  • All students based on an individual program - Personalized Learning Plan
  • Identified students on their IEP ñ regularly reviewed
  • Regular contact with parents over students course progress and attendance
  • Regular Inter-ministerial contact
  • Mapping out the courses with short and long term goal setting
  • Moodle data analysis
  • Offering More Provincial Exam Sittings
  • Maintain an Aboriginal focus
School Goal 2:  To continue to increase opportunities for students to give back to the community and increase community connections in positive ways.

Background:  A large percentage of students at the Sunshine Coast Alternative School are working towards goals dealing with increasing their Social ñ Emotional competencies which leads in the end to increasing the levels of social responsibility. 

- Looking at ways for our students to give to the community ñ including mentorship opportunities at the elementary level
- Offering Social Justice 12
- Offering Civics 11 ñ Civic Action Projects
- Free Store
- Penny Drive for Food Bank at Christmas
- Work with elderly at Christenson Village through the CARES Program
- use of the school web site to let community know what SCAS students are up to.
- Christmas Food Drive  - Cedar Grove
- Involvement with the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen
- Involvement in the Ocean Ave. Community Garden
- Community Rec Peer Mentoring Program

Last Modified: Aug 27, 2013