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Field Social Development Program

The focus of the Field Social Development Program is to assist the student and family in confronting destructive nonproductive behaviours.  This program is a behaviour management program used to reinforce emotional, social, and academic growth, positive performance and self-esteem.  This class has a maximum enrollment of seven students with support of a classroom teacher and special education assistant.

The classroom follows the regular curriculum for British Columbia with modifications to adapt for the unique learning and behavioural needs of the student.
Our goal is to provide an environment that allows the student to experience a predictable, clear and consistent setting - a safe environment where students work towards redefining who they can become.

A combination of approaches are used to enable the development of, and strengthening of, new and desired behaviours.

        Examples of techniques/reinforcements used at Field:

Both positive and negative reinforcements are used.  Reinforcement may be tangible, activity based, or social (some cases may require a combination of two or three reinforcements). The particular selection of reinforcement will depend on the student and situation.        

Other possible techniques/reinforcements include but are not limited to, Intermittent Reinforcement, Modeling, Time Out, Cueing, Contingency Management, Assertive Discipline, and Token Economies.

Students attend the Field Social Development Program 4 days per week (Monday-Thursday) from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  Students do not attend school on Fridays unless their behaviour dictates teacher intervention and processing.  Friday is generally a day set aside for staff to meet with school district and community professionals as well as parents to assess student progress, plan interventions, and evaluate the program. Field is in session Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

One teacher-in-charge and one special education teaching assistant staff the Field Program.

Teacher-in-Charge:                                      Jackson Berger
Special Education Teaching Assistant:   Bev Trefey

Last Modified: Feb 14, 2014