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About Our School
Our Purpose is to provide small learner-centred programs that assist children, youth and adults in developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to build a healthy community. We welcome individual differences within an atmosphere of mutual respect and co-operation.

The Sunshine Coast Alternative School consists of 10 self-contained programs located at different sites along the coast. ~There are five programs which provide an small individualized environment for high school students (Horizons, Sechelt Outreach, Phoenix, Gibsonís Outreach, and the Gibsonís Pathfinder Lab), These programs offer a self-paced, independent learning environment using both computer and paper-based programs for students in grades eight to twelve. Within each program are creative opportunities to advance personal growth and self-exploration through community fine arts program, a community fitness program and career preparation seminars. The programs allow students the opportunity for flexible scheduling to meet the students individual educational, emotional and/or behavioral needs.

The Alternative School provides opportunities for itís students to develop and prepare for the workplace by attending the Ace-It programs (Culinary Arts, Carpentry), enter Secondary School Apprenticeship Programs or attend the CARES program which focuses on working with the elderly at Christianson Village in various activities.   In Sechelt, there is a Pre-Culinary Arts program, which allows students to explore and develop culinary skills and prepares them for the Ace-It Culinary Arts.

In Sechelt (NDVR; 5 - 8) and Gibsons (NDVR 5 - 8) are programs, which offer a small, nurturing learning environment for students in grades 6 to 8 with ample opportunity for one-on-one learning and interaction. ~Blending specific Ministry learning objectives with life skills, emotion management, physical exercise, and outdoor education, these programs offers students a variety of ways to experience success both inside and out of the classroom.

Three social development programs for students in grades K-5 are embedded within Cedar Grove (SHARE & FIELD) and Kinnickinnick Elementary (KDSP).  These programs recognize the unique learning and social - emotional needs of each student and work collaboratively with parents and students to provide individual education programs.

Last Modified: Jan 03, 2017